September 20, 2021


JewDate: “A young man’s perilous quest to find his soul-mate through online dating, in a show about the Chosen Online Daters: JewDate – The Web Series.”

Create and maintain

Manage Brand and Coordinate PR through Facebook

Create, Write, Executive Produce and star in The Show

Puss in Boots Featurette: Wrote Zach Galifianakis’ script

DuoDater: “Grab a Friend, Find a Duo, It’s a Date.”

Natural Cravings: “For your body, for your mind, for your convenience.”

Bright Funds: “Easy, Informed and Effective Giving. Invest in the world as you want it to be. Choose your causes and support the world’s most effective nonprofits.”

Circa: “What’s up and Who’s in.”

Safety on Sunset Campaign: ABC Local News Coverage

Blockbuster Business Model Proposal:

  • Developed hypothetical business plan including analysis of current business model and competitors, market research, new market solution, marketing proposal, and cost analysis
  • Prepared and delivered PowerPoint presentation of the business plan
  • Blockbuster Business Model Proposal PPS